Hi. It's Joe.

Vegetarianism has been going fine.

I am kind of glad I chose now to try this.

I just found out that new regulations allow for rendered animal parts formerly reserved only for pet food to be put into hamburger for human consumption. No thanks!

In the same magazine, I also read that a study found 48% of all fast food soda machines tested contained traces of fecal matter. That's almost half...

Ugh. NOT OK!

The biggest hurdle I will have when I transition to veganism from vegetarianism in February will be not eating cheese. I have noticed that cheese is my quick and dirty protein source when I am in a hurry and now I won't have anything readily accessible when I need a protein fix. So that might be my Achilles heal.

I am off to Nashville tomorrow for 4 days. I am going to try and be vegetarian the whole time, but traveling often requires eating whatever you can find. So I'll report back on Sunday January 31. I am bringing a bunch of non-perishable items in my bag like PB&J, bread, canned fruit, cheese (OK, until Feb 1).

See you later!