Photo Food Diary 5/26/11


For breakfast I had Raisin Bran with soy milk, walnuts, yogurt, and juice concentrate to sweeten.

Raisin bran actually has a lot of sugar.

For lunch, I went to HuHot with Wendy and Brian. I had three trips to the Mongolian grill and chose only vegetables.

I did not eat any rice or tortillas. I used low cal sauces like cooking wine, lime juice, chili oil, and a dash of some asian sauces.

After work, I had band practice with Baby Rocket. Gina of Baby Rocket is a gourmet cook. She made some kind of creamed chicken that was unbelievable.

I had seconds. Plus she also made mashed cauliflower and corn on the cob. I had a beer with dinner and another during the jams.

That's enough food for one day. Jesus.

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