Photo Food Diary 5/27/11

For breakfast I ate cheese and eggs. It was a speedy breakfast because today was my Madison Metro Bus Adventure.

I decided to drive part way to work, then bus the rest of the way in. I had to leave the house early. Cheese and eggs are quick, because the eggs cook while I feed Buddy and make coffee.

Read more about the bus adventure at http://2minutereader.posterous.com/bus.

For lunch, we had a work team building outing at Sprecher's Pub in Madison.

Still feeling unfulfilled from my rushed breakfast, I ordered the Sprecher's Breakfast Burger, with no bun, but with hash browns. Delish.

I washed it down with a Sprecher's Ginger Ale. I could have gotten a beer. My current job is cool like that. But I didn't.

After lunch, some of us got coffee. Decaf with soy milk for me. I am still holding fast to my one medium-sized cup of caffeinated coffee per day.

I don't dig that Barriques in Madison charges $0.75 cents extra for soy milk. Not cool.

After my bus ride home, I ate some cheese to stave off hunger while I made dinner. I re-heated some of last night's vegetable stir fry and I made a fresh batch, which still has a lot left over.

I don't think I will eat again tonight. I am going to bed early so I can get up early and go to the farmer's market tomorrow in Madison, WI.

Did I miss anything? Well, all the pics are there, even if I forgot to mention something. Eat vicariously through me.


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