No Temptation Whatsoever

I am doing the 4 Hour Body slow carb diet and it is going smoothly, in no small measure due to the $500 dollar wager with my mom to lose 25 pounds by labor day.

I have not felt hungry or had any cravings, so when a bunch of free food and cookies was dropped off in the lunch room at work, I decided to go and test my resolve. I looked upon the sandwiches and chips and cookies with apathy. i thought briefly about taking a sandwich home and saving it for my free day on Saturday, but even that did not particularly appeal to me.

Thus, I think this diet plan is beginning to become second nature, part of true lifestyle change. I do look forward to Saturday free eating. It is a treat. But even then I seldom go overboard.

I wonder how many overweight people, if offered $500 to achieve their nominal weight in a realistic amount of time, would do it. There is no question they could. But would instant gratification undermine the goal of long term lifestyle change?

I don't know or care. All I know is that I am winning the bet and achieving my goals with the 4 Hour Body slow carb lifestyle shift.


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