Sweet Italian Temptation, 4 Hour Body, and the Power of a Friendly Competition

I can't lie to you. It was extremely hard to resist the free lasagna and pizza offered for lunch at work today.

But not hard enough, because I did resist it, in no small part because of the $500 wager I have with my mom to lose 25 pounds by Labor Day following the 4 HOUR BODY slow carb diet.

Since I have lost 8 pounds already on the plan, I have momentum and I know it works. That's a potent reason not to break the rules, with hard cash on the line.

The diet eliminates fast carbs but allows unlimited vegetables, legumes, and lean meats (slow carbs and protein). It also allows one free day every week when you can eat whatever you like and as much as you like. My free day is Saturday.

Not today. Sadly.


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