2-Month Fitness Challenge on Track

I am about to go do workout 4 of 5 for this week.

My 2-month fitness challenge to do five 45-minute moderate to light workouts per week is going well.

I haven't missed any workouts yet, although I am definitely not ahead of schedule this week. It's Saturday and my workout week is Mon-Sat. I worked out Mon, Tues, Thur, and (in about an hour) Sat this week, which means I will need to do one tomorrow too.

Last weekend on Sunday, I did a 2-hour workout in one day, counting toward 2 workouts, but I do not roll them over into the next week.

No noticeable weight loss, but recall that this challenge has no dietary restriction component, other than to eat sensibly.

So far it has been easy. I am dutifully NOT doing more than the minimum effective dose. I like to get my heart rate into the range of 120-140 and I have been hitting that easily, without undue exertion.

When I use the gym at work, I usually read a book to make the time fly by. On the stationary bike at home, I watch episodes of decent shows on Netflix.

Well, I had better go do this...

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