Fitness Challenge - I Made It Another Week

This week was touch and go on my Nov-Dec fitness challenge to do five 45-minute light/moderate workouts every week. It is Sunday, and I just completed the five for this week. However, I had to do a 90 minute workout today and yesterday to achieve it.

I could make some excuse like it was a busy week, but in all honesty I procrastinated until I calculated I could not procrastinate any more. I worked out last Monday, doing 45 minutes on the stationary bike. But then I lapsed Tue-Fri. There were a few times when I could have squeezed in a 45 minute workout, but I just didn't. I did other things instead.

But I doubled up yesterday and today and made it. I probably won't do that again. I don't like to do 90 minute workouts if I don't have to. 45 minutes is more reasonable. Plus, I need to distribute the calorie burns more evenly throughout the week, especially around Wednesdays. That is band practice night and we usually order high calorie pizza. So I should strive to workout Tuesday night and Thursday at noon or at night.

This coming week I do not have very many after work activities, with the exception of band practice on Wednesday. So I should be able to get three or four 45-minute workouts in on weekdays and then one on the weekend, long or short depending on how well I do for the week.

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