Echinacea Root. Not Flower.


This is the time of year that I remind everyone about Echinacea (and my 8 years in R&D at a vitamin company, that gives me a modicum of credence to make such reminders).

Echinacea gets a bad rap sometimes as being ineffective at fighting colds.

But this is because vitamin companies are charlatans who use media hype to sell you inferior products. Remember, I worked at one for 8 years, before firing them for charlatanry.

The science is clear. It is the ROOT of Echinacea that is effective against colds and flu, not the flowers or leafy parts.

Most commercial Echinacea products contain the flowers and leafy parts, with little if any root. It is also really important to get Echinacea purpurea root, which has the highest concentration of effective biochemicals.

Such products are hard to find, but do your homework and find one, because the good stuff works against colds and flu.

Get well soon!

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