A 30 Day Paleo Diet Experiment


Today I foraged a little bit like a hunter gatherer. I agreed to participate in a 30 day study/documentary of the paleolithic diet that the pre-agricultural human ancestors used. Today was my first day.

The foundation of the paleo diet is that human nutrition is based on a genome adapted to what humans ate for most of our evolutionary history. It is somewhat of a tautology that if we eat foods we are genetically adapted to eat, we'll be healthier and hopefully leaner. The paleo diet is low glycemic, so it does not stimulate the fat storage endocrine machinery of the human body (insulin) as much. That's the logic anyway. This study I am in should shed more light on the reality of it.

Anyway, I was away from my home turf today, road tripping to Oshkosh. I adhered to the proscribed diet remarkably well. I ate a couple apples this morning and did a bit of hunting and gathering for paleo snacks in the early afternoon. I found raw mixed nuts and all natural Lara bars at a divy little health and nutrition shoppe in Oshkosh. That was more than ample to tied me over until my dinner of bison burgers. The bison was store bought (CostCo).

I actually was not very hungry today, in theory because I was providing my body with an optimal nutritional mix of foods. That's a good sign that it may pay off in health improvement and weight control.

Geeked to be doing the study because it forces me to be more diligent and compliant with the paleo diet.