Natural Sleep Aids - Insomnia Cures

One of the best natural sleep aids I have found to date is the Sleep formula from Now Foods.

I used to work at a job that was really stressful before I quit it for the benefit of my health and well-being. But while I was working there, I would have bad episodes of insomnia, waking up in the night with anxiety and my mind racing at full speed, such that I could not fall back to sleep. It was an exhausting three months at that job.

One day, I bought some Sleep formula from Now Foods via the Vitamin Fun House and started taking some right before bed. It worked immediately, giving me much more restful sleep.

After I quit that horrible job and found a much less stressful one, I had less need for an herbal sleep aid. However, I sometimes still require it.

For example, I sometimes foolishly drink a cup of coffee in the evening and by bed time, my mind is still amped up too high to fall asleep.

Another example is that I am also a semi-professional musician and when I perform on stage, I get an adrenaline rush that is also hard to quell once the show is over and I need to go home and sleep.

When I am not amped up, but just need a bit of relaxation to help me fall asleep, one capsule (half the recommended dose) of Sleep does the trick. When I want to really sleep soundly and deeply, two capsules puts me into a virtual coma.

Now, it is possible this is all placebo effect. But the fact that two capsules knocks me out better than one suggests there is something to it. Remain skeptical of any online claims about insomnia cures, including this one. I have no vested interest in this product. It can't hurt and it might help, so give it a try if nothing else seems to be doing it for you and you don't want to switch to hard drugs just yet.

The nice thing about the product is that I feel rested after a sleep induced by Sleep. It's not a drug. The herbs it contains are soporifics, like hops and valerian, that make you drowsy (Note: Hops is actually related to marijuana).

Sleep by Now Foods is a quality herbal sleep aid I feel I can endorse as a veteran nutrition researcher who understands the problem of finding quality supplements in the unregulated supplement market.

I can only report what I observe and this seems to work for me. If you are looking for something to calm the mind and assist in sleeping better, give this a try.