Known Knowns


I can't tell you what to eat. Your body is your temple, not mine.

That being said, if you want to eat healthy, there is a ton of seemingly contradictory information out there about what you should eat.

Ignore it.

There is one nutritional fact that remains constant regardless of all the background noise: There has never been a scientific study that showed eating vegetables was bad for you!

Vegetables are totally healthy (allergies and sensitivities excluded) and there's enough scientific supporting evidence for this that we might as well call it a Law of human nutrition.

Make veggies a big part of your diet for optimal health. Or don't...I don't care. I'm not your keeper.

I am my own keeper, though, and I have found that getting lots of veggies in my diet isn't that hard, even for a lazy guy like me.

I buy frozen vegetables. They are quick to cook, and as it turns out, they are actually more nutritious than fresh veggies. This is because of logistics, biology, and physics. When fresh veggies are harvested, they are often stored for days in a slightly unripe state before being shipped long distances, where they then sit on store shelves for several more days to finish ripening. All this time they are slowly losing nutritional value due to the natural oxidative processes that happen in the cells of living things that are dying. Ripening is essentially a decay process in plants.

Compare that with frozen veggies. Within hours of harvest, they are chopped and flash frozen, thus locking in their nutritional value and preventing further decay. Frozen veggies remain in this state of suspended animation until you unlock their potent nutritional value by cooking them.

That's all.