Veganomics: Easiest Pie Crust Ever


As I have been researching vegan dessert recipes of late, I came across the easiest tasty and functional pie crust recipe EVER. It's essentially the "Larabar crust," if you are familiar with the whole food, three-ingredient, vegan snack bars. But it only has two ingredients, raw walnuts and dates, and it's butt easy to make.

Put one (for a small pie less than 9 inches in diameter) to two (for pies 9-12 inches in diameter) cups of raw walnuts in your food processor with the metal blender attachment. Pulse the food processor until the walnuts become coarse crumbs. Add one to three dates, depending on how moist they are, to the walnut crumbs and run the food processor until the dates are fully blended with the walnuts. The crust dough is ready when the mixture sticks together when you squeeze it between your fingers but is not too moist or "oily" from the dates. If it's too moist, just add more walnuts. There is a pretty wide margin of error on this, so don't worry about exact measurement of ingredients. "Eyeball" it with the pinch test.


Then just press the dough into your pie tray. Fill it with whatever filling. Works for non-vegan pies too. I suspect it would work for graham cracker crust too, just using graham crackers with dates instead of walnuts. Try it!