Will People Ever Stop With The Drama

I wonder if people will ever tire of the ceaseless drama and fear/hate mongering that seem to saturate daily life nowadays. It's so tiresome, and it may in fact be undermining Democracy, because people are so out of their minds with poisonous negative emotions.

I'm not sure if it can ever end, because it's driven by the severe addiction most people have developed to social media. It's sucking people right down deep dark rabbit holes to helishness.

The are no such things as Heaven and Hell from any kind of religious perspective. But people can create Heaven or Hell in their own lives. A living Hell is created when people succumb to dysfunction and unhealthy choices, whether by choice or not. When it is by choice, that is tragic and heartbreaking. Take religious extremists, for example. They have made a choice to embrace the darkest negative forces of their respective religions, falsely believing they are doing good in the world, while actually causing other people to suffer and feel real pain.

We can probably salvage our society if we disenfranchise religious extremism in favor of positivity, love, gratitude, and compassion, etc. These are positive emotions that permit human growth. Fear and hate and anger and guilt are negative emotions that stagnate growth.

Assess your emotional state and if it's filled with negativity, choose to change it. Reach out to me if you need help with that.

The End.


One Vessel

You only have one body to live your entire life in. Treat it well.

You only have one planet to live your entire life on. Treat it well.

The End.


Be Awesome

It's time for you to be awesome. Ditch the problem saturated story and re-author your future. Set SMART goals and achieve them.

What does your ideal life look like? What roadblocks keep you from having that life? Identify them and remove them. That may mean taking baby steps to get where you want to be. So, take them.

Your life isn't going to live itself.