Dumb People

People are getting dumber exponentially, because of social media. It amazes me how much faith and credibility people put into information they obtain on social media. When I was a graduate student in Journalism school, one of the core tenets we learned about media audiences is that they rate friends and family as the number one most credible source of information, universally. So that's why people believe stupid things when their stupid friends (who also probably got the information from a stupud friend) share stupid information on social media. How often have you seen a quote from a famous person memed on social media and believed that person actually said it. 99.9% of the time it's completely made up.


Plant Based Thanksgiving

We had planned to have a 100% vegan Thanksgiving get together. But the omnivores in the family could not shed the yolk of convention and decided they will bring meaty side dishes to satisfy their internalized narratives about the holiday.

So, turkeys will, unfortunately, die for some family members this week. We had hoped to keep it humane, but alas...

I don't know if I should share the premonition I had that everyone who eats turkey this Thanksgiving will be stricken by a serious avian flu that is currently raging through the domesticated turkey flock. I don't think I will, because it's likely that my predictive visions hold no water. And that would just alarm people.

Fingers crossed.


Diet and Disease

It's pretty much doctrine in nutrition science that eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) will kill you. It takes a long time, but very few people on this diet of refined carbs and fats live long enough to die of old age. They most often die of cancer and heart disease, which are awful ways to die. Just ask anyone who suffers from those diseases.

The only way to beat the odds and improve the likelihood of dying relatively painlessly at the end of a long and healthy high-quality life is to adhere to a whole food plant based (WFPB) diet. If you're skeptical about that, the science doesn't care. Facts matter and there is no debate among scientists (except those underwritten by industrial SAD food producers, unsurprisingly) that eating more fruit, vegetables, raw nuts, and whole grains prevents (and reverses) many chronic diseases and prolongs life.

It's super easy to eat a WFPB diet and it doesn't require any special tools or caloric restrictions, other than not eating anything that's not a whole plant food. Or, if it's easier to remember, simply not eating any food derived from something that had a mother. Boom. Easy peasy.

Now, most people reading this are not going to adopt a WFPB way of eating for a variety of dumb reasons, in spite of the massive health benefits. These people will think they are choosing to continue eating the SAD of their own free will. But it's actually big government and corporate messaging that beguiles people into following a diet that will slowly but absolutely kill them. It doesn't really matter if they have free will or not. The point is they will continue to go on slowly poisoning themselves with inflammatory SAD foods until the damage is irreversible, and then they will actively die.

It's just sad and pathetic is all...that horrible, preventable death will take many lives before the stricken will even have a chance to remedy it.

On the bright side, almost all of those who transition to WFPB eating immediately begin to heal, reverse inflammation, and prevent or reverse chronic diseases. I'm living proof.

I am almost 54 years old and I have the health of a 25 year old, four years after switching to a 100% plant based diet (a less strict version of WFPB eating that allows some vegan junk food now and then because...you know...life is literally too short to not enjoy some ice cream or a cheeseburger now and then - and yes, there are very delicious vegan versions of these now!). I fully plan to live 50 more years, assuming I don't get hit by a bus or Republican right wing extremists don't take over and start disappearing granola-type, peace-loving vegans like me.

Do you know who isn't going to live 50 more years? You, if you keeping eating sh!tty animal based foods known (by science!) to cause horrible, deadly chronic diseases.

A good day to you.