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Hi. I'm Joe.

I am a life coach and marriage and family therapist (MS, LMFT-T). I also have a PhD in Leisure Science* (Abide University and Institute), also known as "self-care."

I have a rocking life, the result of many positive lifestyle choices (elucidated in many of the posts on this punk rock and vegan lifestyle blog), and a healthy appreciation for punk rock music. I want to help others maximize their potential and own their reality, especially the oddballs, misfits, and nonconformists out there.

On the side, I'm a writer, musician, and free agent in the Cosmos. My specialties are bass guitar and vocals. I write daily, working toward a really fun sci-fi novel (stay tuned). I play music as time allows.

I perform in a handful of rock-n-roll bands around Madison WI. My current project is an instrumental surf rock-n-roll outfit called BANANA HAMMOCK.

I'll leave you with a video of me rocking with EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE** a few years ago. This was recorded at one of my infamous, crowd-sourced house concerts, which I love hosting. It's very satisfying to circumvent the rigged live music scene in this pretty simple way. All you need is a house and a performance space that won't annoy the neighbors. And some good musicians, of course. The audience is always captive and engaged, because they actually CHOSE to be there!

*Note: Leisure Science used to be called the Art of Slacking (Off), but it's now more popularly called Self Care, because Leisure Science encompasses both doing nothing and doing fun things, to the exclusion of boring or un-fun things.

**Note: I am no longer with EAD and if/when the band ever comes off hiatus, it is likely to have a whole new lineup, sans me. This was not my decision, but that of the principal songwriter and brand manager of that great band. I have extended him an offer of my availability and support for the group whenever needed. So, who knows? I may share a stage with them again some time...