Animals are Fun

If you are like most people, you probably eat animals. But you really shouldn't. Because most animals are like people. They have thoughts and feelings. They love and play. They feel pain and fear. They like to be happy. When they are captured by people and held against their will in animal concentration camps (feed lots), they really don't like it. Would you?

So, please stop eating animals. It causes a lot of unnecessary suffering [SOURCE].

A good day to you.


Punk Rock Vegan Movie

The Punk Rock Vegan Movie by Moby is available free on YouTube, apparently.

The End.



The elements of Salvation are beginning to come together in The Religion. I don't want to have too many religious "tenets," otherwise it will be hard for most people to adhere to The Religion. However, since the goal is Salvation, the tenets must be such that a better physical, mental, and spiritual life is guaranteed. I have been diligently researching what these should be. It still won't be especially easy for most people, otherwise they would already be doing it. But it should be, and is, achievable.

In addition to daily aerobic exercise, a whole food (80%+) vegan (100%) plant based diet, and self care, for physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being, I have been made aware of a need for a complete eschewing* of online social media [SOURCE]. This tenet could potentially fall under the umbrella of self care. However, it is so mission critical to Salvation (physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being) that I think it needs to be its own tenet. That being said, I still think such things as avoiding/minimizing drugs/alcohol/tobacco can still fall under general self care, because it is common sense that those things do not sustain and maintain the physical, mental, and spiritual temple of the human body. 

It is not immediately obvious to most people that social media use is not only an addiction (more potent than heroin or nicotine...if you doubt that, try abstaining from it completely for two weeks), but it is destructive to compassion, empathy, and love, as well as draining those who use it of their self actualization potential. Social media reprograms your mind in toxic ways AND the Silicon Valley social media companies invade your privacy and sell you off, literally, to their advertisers. No good can come of social media. It needs to be avoided for optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health and well-being.

So, The Religion's tenets for Salvation are:

1. Adherence to a whole food (80%+) vegan (100%) plant based diet. This provides physical, mental, and spiritual health benefits. It is healthy for the body and mind [SOURCE], protects the planet from climate change [SOURCE] and minimizes animal cruelty [SOURCE].
2. At least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise more days of the week than not (4+ days per week). The natural endorphins produced by the body in response to aerobic exercise are healing and protective, and they often give a euphoric and energizing "high."
3. Practice radical self care. Here are some tips for good self care.
4. Abstain from all social media [SOURCE].

I may come up with a 5th tenet soon. But the above four tenets are a good start.

*Eschew: deliberately avoid using; abstain from.

The End.


Neg Emo

I'll never understand why some people devote so much mental energy to fear and hatred. There is no return on investment from that. It just breeds more fear and hate, like a cancer that consumes human potential.

You know what does have a good return on investment? Eating ice cream (ideally, vegan ice cream). That's what.

The End.

Clean Blows

I had four BMs before noon today, all of them "clean blows," and I expect more to come before the day is done.

A clean blow is when a BM passes 100% cleanly from your butthole and leaves no trace of poop on the TP when you wipe. Clean blows are a common characteristic of the whole food plant based diet.

Today's clean blows were likely triggered by the massive bowl of whole and unprocessed fruit salad I ate for breakfast today. The soluble and insoluble fiber in fruit really gets things moving through the GI.

The End.



The key to a long and healthy life comprises:

1. A whole food 100% plant based diet.

2. Daily aerobic exercise.

3. Self care.

4. A sense of purpose.

5. Avoidance of drugs and alcohol.

A good day to you!

The End.


Too Much Food

I realized today that our kitchen is the opposite of bare. It's got too much food. So, I need to put a fortnight's moratorium on grocery shopping anything but the bare essentials. Then, we'll set about burning through the surplus food.


Time Boundaries

Time boundaries are a very useful tool. You can use them to achieve goals and you can use them to avoid roadblocks. One of the greatest applications of time boundaries is self care. I like to carve out two hours each day of the week for my own self care. I put my devices on "Do Not Disturb" mode and I get to it. It doesn't so much matter what I do for self care, as long as I don't let anything else interfere with it - like annoying interruptions. I figure the rest of the world can get by without me for two hours each day. And if it can't, then there are bigger problems afoot than I could ever hope to solve.

The End.

Some Facts

If you want to contribute to a better world:

1. Eat a plant based diet (practice kindness/compassion toward animals and the planet).
2. Don't be a dick (practice kindness/compassion toward others).
3. Practice good self care (practice kindness/compassion toward yourself).

Have a great day!

The End.