Addicted to Smart Cycling

I got up this morning at 7:30 AM so that I could do a couple of virtual bike rides. The first one was on the Rouvy virtual cycling app. I rode just over 16 miles through the Aorangi Reserve - Greymouth, New Zealand. It was a race I had joined earlier in the week, kicking off at 8 AM this morning. Although I wasn't there to win, I pounded out that route in about 56 minutes, allowing me about 4 minutes to transition over to the RGT virtual cycling app for a 9 AM social group ride through the Lake District of the UK. I think that ride was just over 23 miles and I did it in about an hour and 15 minutes. I got a bit of a late start because I had to change devices between the rides (tablet to smartphone + laptop) and I forgot to disconnect the Bluetooth on the first device from the smart trainer, so the second device wasn't connected. So, I am in RGT, pedaling away, and basically going nowhere as everyone else took off, until I figured out my biff. I caught up to some people and we had a pretty nice virtual draft line going. Anyway, I burned something like 1,500 calories biking pretty hard for over 2 hours this morning. My knees and legs were pretty sore. It's awesome that I can bike all over the world from the comfort of my finished basement. I highly endorse indoor smart cycling for anyone who likes biking and lives in a place where weather prevents outdoor riding for part of the year. I mainly do it so I can justify eating more food. It's fantastic exercise though and really gives me a nice endorphin boost.

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