It's Thanksgiving tomorrow, the holiday that demarcates to slow decline into another depressing  round of commercialism disguised as altruism, followed by two brutal months of artic suffering in January and February (at least in Wisconsin).

But this year I'm immune to it thanks to two things: COVID-19 and indoor smart cycling. I'm kind of glad COVID put the kibosh on the usual holiday hassles. It also put the kibosh on our gym membership, which is why Deborah and I invested in smart bike trainers. These contraptions allow you to ride your own bike indoors on virtual bike routes all over the world, with high resolution videos of the places you are biking through. The trainers are smart because they link to cycling apps via Bluetooth and they respond to actual changes in terrain, increasing the resistance if you are going up a hill, for example.

I've been able to bike fair distances almost every day since we bought the trainers. This in turn has allowed me to eat more calories each day, something I very much like to do. I have two bike rides scheduled for tomorrow on account of it being Thanksgiving, and I plan to make a lot of yummie food that I'll need to compensate for.

The End.

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