NY Rezzies

2023 is off to a good start. Chronologically, it started for me at 7 AM on Saturday, given that I was born in Melbourne Australia, the time zone for which is 17 hours ahead of Wisconsin's.

There was a significant risk that my well-established health and wellness plan, which I adhered to fairly well in 2022, might get derailed, due to unpredictable eating patterns and a plan to decorate holiday cookies with family on Sunday. But, surprisingly, I stayed within specifications for both diet and exercise (both of which comprise what is known summarily as Dark Magic).

Today is Monday, the second day of 2022, and the Dark Magic was off the rails, in no small measure because I spent about an hour putting the new Peloton bike trainer through its paces, trying out several of it's ride features. It's outdoor distance and duration rides are not as good as those on Rouvy, using my Bluetooth smart bike trainer in the basement. But from a workout perspective, the Peloton gets 'er done. I burned about 800 calories in total, enough to "buy" myself a bowl of cereal with fruit and flax, as a reward.

I would love to help people improve their nutrition and health in 2023, now that I have my functional nutrition counseling certification.

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