A Fortnight of Fitness: Day 13 and 14

Due to starting my Spring semester of grad school classes on Monday, I balked on logging a post on Day 13 of my two week challenge to follow a vegan diet. So this post combines Days 13 and 14, the final two days.

I can't say there was much change in measures over the last two days. But the measures were good. My weight bottomed out at 213 pounds and would not go below that, notwithstanding good dietary adherence and almost daily moderate exercise.

My Day 14 blood pressure was 109/70. I failed to capture it on Day 13, but it has been trending lower throughout the challenge. That is a fantastically good BP by clinical standards.

I have decided to continue on a vegan diet for at least another fortnight, since the results of the first fortnight were generally good, and it is clinically shown to be one of the best weight loss and health-promoting diets. For this second run, I will probably record just before and after measurements, not daily. Deborah and I went to the grocery store after our gym workout today and stocked up. At the wellness expo we attended over the weekend, we scored a handy-dandy veggie peeler that does both thin and julienne slicing. I made some great hash browned potatoes with it last night. It is good for harder root veggies, but I still prefer the spiralizer for making zucchini pasta, for example.

Anyway, we are stocked up on animal free foods. I scored some vegan cheese and some tofu-based noodles that I am going to experiment with. I have a goal to make some homemade veggie burgers.

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