A Fortnight of Fitness: Day 7

The first week of my wife's and my fortnight of fitness to follow a plant-based, whole food diet has drawn to a successful close. One week to go.

Breakfast was once again oatmeal porridge with fruit (apple and banana) and unsweetened almond milk. I did not eat lunch, per se, but after going to the gym in the late afternoon, I ate a Larabar (whole food dates, coconut, and almonds) and some mixed nuts. For dinner, Deborah made us baked potatoes and I seasoned mine with organic, sugar-free marinara sauce. It was OK. I also had some leftover pinto beans and brown rice. For a snack while we watched TV in the evening, I shelled some pistachios and peanuts and air popped some popcorn.

My weight was down slightly this morning, at 216 pounds. My blood pressure before bedtime was 117/72. I'll graph the trends in weight and BP after the fitness challenge ends a week from today, but it feels like both are trending downward. My mood is good. I feel happy and positive.

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