Support HR4789 - The Medicare "Buy In" Public Option

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It's really simple.

Any American can buy into Medicare at cost.

It makes Medicare available to all resident Americans who want it and want to pay for it themselves.

It costs taxpayers nothing, because Medicare's infrastructure already exists and those under 65 who want it pay "out of pocket." There is no effect on the deficit at all, because Medicare's administrators simply adjust their cost for the added burden of people on their rolls.

If people don't want it, they don't have to buy it.

But this option also makes Medicare cheaper, because you make it available to younger, healthier individuals who pay the same premium as the elderly, who use it far more to pay their medical bills. In addition, medical financial records are centralized, easing administration costs.

Right now, only 1/8 of the American population - seniors - can get Medicare, and it is on the taxpayers dime. It is like saying only OLD PEOPLE can drive on the public highways (horrifying to think about).

I support HR4789.

Read about it here: http://huff.to/cTOrtG

If you support it to, ask your representative to support it.

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