No Temptation Whatsoever

I am doing the 4 Hour Body slow carb diet and it is going smoothly, in no small measure due to the $500 dollar wager with my mom to lose 25 pounds by labor day.

I have not felt hungry or had any cravings, so when a bunch of free food and cookies was dropped off in the lunch room at work, I decided to go and test my resolve. I looked upon the sandwiches and chips and cookies with apathy. i thought briefly about taking a sandwich home and saving it for my free day on Saturday, but even that did not particularly appeal to me.

Thus, I think this diet plan is beginning to become second nature, part of true lifestyle change. I do look forward to Saturday free eating. It is a treat. But even then I seldom go overboard.

I wonder how many overweight people, if offered $500 to achieve their nominal weight in a realistic amount of time, would do it. There is no question they could. But would instant gratification undermine the goal of long term lifestyle change?

I don't know or care. All I know is that I am winning the bet and achieving my goals with the 4 Hour Body slow carb lifestyle shift.



Flattop Grill Take Home Deal


Although I am a HuHot loyalist, Flattop Grill is alright.

You can take home a full serving for half price if you buy a full price one trip. Or you can eat all you can eat for a dollar more.

I went with the former option. Flattop Grill is on Midvale Blvd, west side of Madison by Great Dane West, Hilldale Shopping Plaza.


Flattop Grill and a Wager



Everyone likes a good wager.

My mom bet me no small amount of CASH to lose 25 pounds by Labor Day.

Of course, due to the nature of the wager, which I cannot disclose, I will have to achieve the desired weight loss within about 30 days. Suffice to say, said cash will be going toward a plane ticket for which advanced booking will be required.

So I am currently 225 pounds, weighed naked in the morning (which, incidentally, is a great song title).

I will have to lose about a pound per day on average. I will be following the dietary protocol outlined in Tim Ferriss' "4 Hour Body." It's a slow carb diet and fairly restricted to legumes, vegetables, and eggs/lean meats. As I am vegetarian for the month of July and possibly beyond, I will be focusing on the legumes, mainly beans.

I am in fact right now eating at Flattop Grill, where I can choose my ingredients.

I will also weigh daily with a plus or minus 5 pounds range that I must fall within. This gives me a 5 day buffer on either end of the wager period. Thus, tomorrow, on which my median weight should be 224, I will be satisfied with any weight between 229 and 219. If I am closer to the high end, I will adjust my diet by reducing caloric intake that day, and if I am closer to the low end, I will increase caloric intake.

This allows me to adjust day to day.

You can wish me luck if you like, but failure is not an option.