Photo Food Diary 5/31/11 (LAST DAY!)


Hi everyone.

Today is the last day of this photo food journal I have been keeping for the month of May.

I learned a lot about my food habits, and knowledge is half the battle.

But I neither gained nor lost any weight, so it wasn't very helpful.

I don't think I am going to keep doing it.

Since this is the last day, let's have a QUIZ.

Name the foods...





Photo Food Diary 5/30/11


I began the day with coffee and string cheese.

After mowing the lawn and doing some gardening and yard work, I drove down to Illinois to hang out with my GF's immediate family.

After we saw off her brother on the bus to O'Hare Airport, we went and ate ice cream at the Machine Shed. Caitlin and I split an ice cream covered giant chocolate chip cookie. So you'll have to image me eating just slightly more than 1/2 of what you see there.

Having boycotted Brat Fest on account of Scott Walker/Johnsonville Brats, and having missed the protesting Alt Brat Fest on account of severe thunderstorms, I decided to have my own mini-brat fest at home for dinner. I ate Klement's brand, sans MSG, nitrates, and other toxic additives (that Johnsonville puts in theirs...), with mustard. I followed this with some 100% pomegranate/cranberry juice, known to reduce cholesterol uptake in the gut.

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. But I definitely could tell a difference between these chemical free brats and Johnsonville brats (when I ate them in the pre-Walker era). J-ville brats make me feel yucky afterwards. These didn't. Karma? Like I said, no idea. I also took some fish oil pills, known to reduce triglycerides.

My microwave died yesterday. No protestations. It just went dead, quickly and without suffering. 15 years I had that thing and it always worked awesome. Then, in a matter of microseconds, it died. Anyone have an extra microwave on the cheap? Actually, it might be kind of nice to go back to the old ways of re-heating things on the stove. It only takes a couple minutes longer, but the down side is that the stove doesn't turn itself off if I forget about it...


Photo Food Diary 5/29/11


I started off the day finishing off the remaining Raisin Bran and unsweetend plain yogurt + soy milk, with raw walnuts and fruit juice concentrate to sweeten it up.

For dinner I fried up a pound of emu meat I got at the farmer's market, with onions, garlic, celery and some spices.

I added this to a mess of stir fried fresh vegetables and it was so gosh darn good I ate the whole thing.

I feel this was largely OK because it was healthy.

What do emus eat anyway?

Whole Food Photo Diary 5/28/11


Today was a high protein day.

I kicked if off with tofu and eggs.

Then at the Madison Farmer's Market this morning, I also ate some cheese curds.

In the afternoon, more tofu, curried and fried.

After my late night workout, leftover veggie stir fry from last night.

Tomorrow, I am going to eat some emu meat. Stay tuned.



Photo Food Diary 5/27/11


For breakfast I ate cheese and eggs. It was a speedy breakfast because today was my Madison Metro Bus Adventure.

I decided to drive part way to work, then bus the rest of the way in. I had to leave the house early. Cheese and eggs are quick, because the eggs cook while I feed Buddy and make coffee.

Read more about the bus adventure at http://2minutereader.posterous.com/bus.

For lunch, we had a work team building outing at Sprecher's Pub in Madison.

Still feeling unfulfilled from my rushed breakfast, I ordered the Sprecher's Breakfast Burger, with no bun, but with hash browns. Delish.

I washed it down with a Sprecher's Ginger Ale. I could have gotten a beer. My current job is cool like that. But I didn't.

After lunch, some of us got coffee. Decaf with soy milk for me. I am still holding fast to my one medium-sized cup of caffeinated coffee per day.

I don't dig that Barriques in Madison charges $0.75 cents extra for soy milk. Not cool.

After my bus ride home, I ate some cheese to stave off hunger while I made dinner. I re-heated some of last night's vegetable stir fry and I made a fresh batch, which still has a lot left over.

I don't think I will eat again tonight. I am going to bed early so I can get up early and go to the farmer's market tomorrow in Madison, WI.

Did I miss anything? Well, all the pics are there, even if I forgot to mention something. Eat vicariously through me.



Photo Food Diary 5/26/11



For breakfast I had Raisin Bran with soy milk, walnuts, yogurt, and juice concentrate to sweeten.

Raisin bran actually has a lot of sugar.

For lunch, I went to HuHot with Wendy and Brian. I had three trips to the Mongolian grill and chose only vegetables.

I did not eat any rice or tortillas. I used low cal sauces like cooking wine, lime juice, chili oil, and a dash of some asian sauces.

After work, I had band practice with Baby Rocket. Gina of Baby Rocket is a gourmet cook. She made some kind of creamed chicken that was unbelievable.

I had seconds. Plus she also made mashed cauliflower and corn on the cob. I had a beer with dinner and another during the jams.

That's enough food for one day. Jesus.

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Photo Food Journal 5/25/11 (4 Hour Body)


I ate that piece of cheese right after midnight, so I am counting it in today's photo food diary.

For breakfast I also had cheese, and eggs. And coffee (not shown).

Although I could not go to HuHot Mongolian Grill for lunch today, we did get a free lunch at work.

Then there was leftover pizza and a cookie at a meeting I had.

I stopped at a bar on the way home to book the band, and foolishly drank beer and ate popcorn.

Then I ate stir fried veggies for dinner. That made me feel healthy, but I am going to work out in the morning.

A lot.