Fitness Lifestyle Challenge

Tomorrow I start my 2 month fitness challenge to work out moderately for 45 minutes, five days per week. However, I have been pre-training for the challenge for almost 2 weeks and it is going great.

I have not missed a session and today I did 45 minutes on the exercise bike at work at an easy pace. It was perhaps too easy, but that is the purpose of this challenge, to see if benefits can be gained from minimal effective doses (MEDs) of exercise.

The challenge does not restrict diet, but I will eat sensibly when I can. Right now I am about to eat an avocado jack wrap at Barriques, so I will be thee adieu for now.



Lunchtime Workouts

Due to this unseasonably warm weather (for late October), I went for a 3 mile run again today at lunch. I have not run substantially in a while, so my body is still adapting. I ran yesterday and today. My goal is a 45 minute workout, but running is such a potent aerobic workout that I am OK with anything over 30 minutes. I think it takes me about 36 minutes to run 3 miles. 12 minute miles are just fine with me.

Recall, this fitness challenge for November and December is designed to be fairly easy and doable. I have a nice, fairly flat 3 mile route, with minimal cars and street crossings.

My quads hurt. I need some magnesium. I expect the lactic acid buildup will dissipate in a couple of days.


Project for November and December

The holidays are coming.

I like to eat holiday food.

Because of that, I also need to work out regularly, to keep my basal metabolic rate high enough to burn through all those calories.

So my lifestyle project for the next 2 months is to work out 5 days per week, for a minimum of 45 minutes, at a modest exertion level (120+ pulse rate).

The goal is to see if weight can be maintained, or better yet lost, with a fairly benevolent workout that is not too intense it scares people away. Time commitment is the only hurdle of this regimen. The exercise itself is meant to be very doable without a lot of physical effort.

I would have started this project sooner, but I needed to get everything in place.

I have an exercise bike set up at home on a trainer. I recently gained access to the gym at work, where I can workout most lunch hours. There's a treadmill, bike machine, and elliptical. So getting the 5 workouts in shouldn't be a problem.

4 of them will be during the work week. Friday will usually be the day off, because that is the day I go out to lunch with some co-workers. The additional workout will be on the weekend some time.

If I can get in a 90 minute workout on the weekend, I may reduce the following week's regimen to 3 days, as a reward for doing more on the weekend. But we will see how it goes.

I have already started on the protocol, even though it does not kick in until November, officially. One thing I have noticed already is that when I workout at noon, I am madly productive in the afternoon in the office. I have so much energy, and don't get sleepy.

It's awesome.