A Couple Weeks of Vegetarianism for the Heck of It

My June project to go on an "information fast" has been lackluster at best.

I know it won't kill me to avoid all news and media for a month. But I feel compelled to check out interesting news and keep myself informed about current events (now that the charlatan Republicans are screwing everything up).

So starting this week, I am going to change projects. I have been reading "World on the Edge" by Lester R. Brown, and it made me realize what a massive impact meat eating and the associated agricultural meat industry has on the environment and human health.

Many people, when they drive past a midwestern conrfield, assume that all the acres of corn everywhere is sweet corn, for human consumption.

Think again.

99.9% of the corn in American cornfields is essentially meat and food additives (corn oil, corn sugar, corn starch, etc.). And some of it is ethanol to offset our consumption of fossil fuels.

It takes 10 times more land area to grow an animal for food than to grow vegetable based foods on the same land.

And the waste...the industrial chicken farm about four miles from my home is a disgusting cesspool of death and chicken crap, which they spread all over the nearby fields and it smells to high heaven.

So that's the plan. Stay tuned.

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