Welcome New Subscribers

Hi. It's Joe.

I see that I have several new subscribers to this blog.

I really appreciate it. I would love it if you took 2 minutes or less and left a comment on this post about what led you to my site and why you liked it enough to subscribe.

I will try to keep the content fresh. Right now, for the month of May, you probably figured out I am keeping a photo food diary to document everything I eat for the world to see. This way I am responsible for my diet and I am forced to take ownership of it before my peers.

I got this idea, directly or indirectly, from Tim Ferriss' "4 Hour Body" book that is all the rage. Simple, common sense, but unconventional lifestyle and diet wisdom.

I have learned so much about thinking twice before eating certain things and not eating too much bad stuff.

I worked 8 years for a VITAMIN COMPANY and so I have education and training in health and nutrition. Feel free to ask me questions, and if I know the answer, I will reply.

Actually, I quit that job thanks to Tim Ferriss and his other great book, "4 Hour Work Week," which made me realize you don't have to suffer under a miserable boss. You can actually be happy and do what you love.

I'm doing it.

Thanks again.


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