Photo Food Diary 5/30/11

I began the day with coffee and string cheese.

After mowing the lawn and doing some gardening and yard work, I drove down to Illinois to hang out with my GF's immediate family.

After we saw off her brother on the bus to O'Hare Airport, we went and ate ice cream at the Machine Shed. Caitlin and I split an ice cream covered giant chocolate chip cookie. So you'll have to image me eating just slightly more than 1/2 of what you see there.

Having boycotted Brat Fest on account of Scott Walker/Johnsonville Brats, and having missed the protesting Alt Brat Fest on account of severe thunderstorms, I decided to have my own mini-brat fest at home for dinner. I ate Klement's brand, sans MSG, nitrates, and other toxic additives (that Johnsonville puts in theirs...), with mustard. I followed this with some 100% pomegranate/cranberry juice, known to reduce cholesterol uptake in the gut.

Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. But I definitely could tell a difference between these chemical free brats and Johnsonville brats (when I ate them in the pre-Walker era). J-ville brats make me feel yucky afterwards. These didn't. Karma? Like I said, no idea. I also took some fish oil pills, known to reduce triglycerides.

My microwave died yesterday. No protestations. It just went dead, quickly and without suffering. 15 years I had that thing and it always worked awesome. Then, in a matter of microseconds, it died. Anyone have an extra microwave on the cheap? Actually, it might be kind of nice to go back to the old ways of re-heating things on the stove. It only takes a couple minutes longer, but the down side is that the stove doesn't turn itself off if I forget about it...

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