5K Run Indoors

Wisconsin got its first light snow yesterday, but I wasn't going to let that dissuade me from achieving my weekly fitness challenge of five 45-minute light to moderate workouts per week.

Normally when I exercise indoors, I do the stationary bike. But yesterday I decided to do a 5K moderate run on the treadmill. My pace was an easy 11 minute mile on average and I got my bpm up to about 140 at peak. I inclined the treadmill to 0.5% for a little extra challenge but it was still an easy run.

It only took 37 minutes. I walked the last 0.2 miles to cool down. When I run, I only have to achieve 3 miles of distance regardless of time. That is one of my allowed exceptions to the 45 minute rule.

On the down side, it hurt my arthritic left big toe and I chafed a bit on my inner thighs. Anyone have any suggestions for minimizing chafe on the legs? I am all ears.

I logged yesterday's workout on Fitocracy. I have only done 2 workouts so far this week, not including today's planned workout and the freebie I achieved by doing 6 workouts last week. So theoretically, after today, I should be up to 4 on paper.

I am also going to do the stationary bike at home tomorrow morning before the weatherization inspector comes at 9. On track for this week.

No weight loss, but recall that this 2 month fitness challenge does not have a dietary component and I am in fact doing it at this time of year for the very reason that I want to enjoy all the holiday food from Halloween through New Year's (hence the Nov - Dec time frame).

Conversely, I have not gained any weight, notwithstanding a higher than usual carb intake. Basal metabolism is definitely higher.

I might lift weights a little today.

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