90 Minutes on Stationary Bike Today - One Workout Surplus

With today's 90 minute bout of stationary biking, I surpassed my goal of five 45-minute workouts per week this week.

Having worked out for 45 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, today's workout puts me ahead by 1.

This is not to say I am going to skimp on one this coming week. I still plan to do five workouts this week. But if for some reason I can't, I won't feel too bad.

But that is a slippery slope, and I am not going to start down that path.

So I am going to add a caveat to my fitness challenge these next two months. If I have a surplus of workouts for a week, I will only be allowed to roll one of them forward.

Chances are I will never achieve more than six in a week, given my schedule. But there you go.

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