My Fitness Pal App

As part of my 2 month fitness challenge to do five 45-minute workouts per week, I have been logging my diet and exercise using the MY FITNESS PAL app for Android phones (it has a web browser version too).

I have not been restricting diet as part of this fitness challenge, as far as what I eat, but it is kind of nice to know the calories in and calories out each day.

My friend Wendy hooked me up with it. You tell it how much you want to work out and how much weight you want to lose, if any. Then it gives you a daily calorie budget and let's you log diet and exercise.

When you exercise, you add points to your calorie budget, allowing you to eat more.

The diet log is kind of difficult to use because it is really hard to search for the exact foods I am eating. A lot of them are based on brand names and I do not eat branded packaged foods that much. It is more difficult to find just a generic boneless chicken breast of about 8-10 ounces.

That's what I had for breakfast today, FYI. I am going to eat another one now, and then go for a run.

This morning I did 45 minutes on the indoor stationary bike, but I am only up to 4 workouts for this week so I need to do another one today. My week goes Monday to Sunday.

Recall that last week, I had a bonus workout because I did 6 workouts. I could credit that one to this week and not have to run. But it is actually kind of warm out for early November and my dog Buddy could use the exercise.

The problem is it might rain. There's a chance.

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